Sales Agent

As a new sales agent with our organization, the most common question asked is: How will I be trained and how much can I expect to earn in my first year?  We have organized a list of activities and goals that have helped build successful careers for our agents.  Our agency goal is for each new agent to begin building their own “book of business” with our training and support structure.

The first set of goals will be to:

  • Learn our products – we have online mastery tests for each product that you can learn at your own pace. (Disability, Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, Medical Bridge, Term Life and Whole Life)
  • Learn how we operate as an agency and how each roll of our organization is filled
  • Understand your compensation
  • Shadow our Agency Development Manager in meetings with business owners and group presentation

Next, we will introduce you to additional support staff in our regional office and schedule training with our regional instructor.  Our regional instructor will offer ongoing professional development and sales training throughout your career.  They will cover training topics including:

  • How we go to market
  • Understanding Voluntary Worksite Benefits
  • Basic Flexible Benefit Plans
  • Decision Maker Value Proposition
  • Benefits Landscape and Competition
  • Compensation Bonus Opportunities
  • Wellness Plans
  • Section 125 Premium Only Plans
  • Enrollment Capabilites
  • Benefits Counseling Basic and Advanced Training

We are fully committed to building long term successful careers for those who have the drive and determination.  We will be the first to let you know, this is not an easy business.  It takes time to build relationships, confidence, and product knowledge.  But if you make the commitment and follow the steps in place, you will be a successful agent!

If you have additional questions and would like to schedule an interview, please call our local Charlotte office at 704-457-2800.

Our office address:

7319 Matthews Mint Hill Rd. Suite K

Mint Hill, NC 28227