employee benefit incentives programsStudy after study has shown that cancer rates are on the rise in the American population. Many types of cancer are listed as a leading cause of death. Voluntary cancer employee benefits are a product to seriously consider in today’s world; it’s tragic but true. This type of insurance is designed to help people deal with the cost of out of pocket expenses associated with having a cancer diagnosis. No one ever wants to think about this, but the fact is many will benefit from this type of coverage given the figures. Policyholders would receive cash benefits to help pay for daily living expenses and other necessities.

Supplemental cancer insurance policies can also protect your income and savings by helping with costs that are not covered by your major medical insurance plan. These costs could be things like deductibles, experimental cancer treatments, and out of network specialists that you see, in addition to other types of needs.

You may have a little more to think about when it comes to enrolling in this type of insurance. There are two primary things to factor into your decision: your current health insurance policy (and what cancer related expenses it covers) and if you’re a high risk candidate for cancer. There’s no right or wrong choice, no matter the details of above. The only way to truly know which way to go would be to look into the future to see if you’d need it. I don’t think any of us have crystal balls, so we’re forced to decide based on common sense, gut instincts, and the like.

Our team would be happy to talk you through your assessment. We don’t want to convince you to throw money away on premiums, but neither do we want to see you overlook an option that could alleviate financial stress in a time of need.