employee benefit solutionsAccident Insurance is a benefit available for any covered accident. What sorts of accidents are covered? Well, a fall, sports injury, or traffic accident would be considered an accident. These types of events can and do sometimes result in a person becoming disabled. Accident Insurance benefits are paid regardless of any other type of disability coverage that you or your spouse may have.

An accident is something that no one would ever want to think about happening. That’s the hard part. Many people choose to do without supplemental coverage because they like to believe they’ll never need it. Unfortunately, accidents strike victims of all walks, those who are insured and those who are not. At that point in time, it’s always a great feeling knowing you have protection. What may be worse than having no protection is discovering the protection you do have doesn’t cover the situation at hand. When you have coverage through us, you won’t have a moment of panic or think twice about the financial burdens to come. You’ll trust in your accident insurance and let the rest work itself out.

Employee Benefits Agency seeks to work with employers to help employees make informed and educated decisions about what types of employee paid benefits packages they may want to buy coverage for. Whether you’re an employer, an employee, self-employed, or unemployed, we invite the opportunity to share our knowledge with you. If you want to avoid an accident, avoid the one you can control – running into a medical crisis with no means of affording it. Bankruptcy is not pleasant. Don’t let these options slip through your fingertips. Take a closer look today.