Critical Illness

employee benefit plansEmployee Benefits Agency can help you navigate and understand critical illness insurance and the various policies. You might be wondering, “What exactly is covered?” No one ever wants to think about becoming ill and having to face large hospitalizations, treatments, and other bills that come with being very sick.

Missed work and a loss of income are also expected when you are critically ill. Someone who has critical illness insurance will receive financial payouts should they be diagnosed with a serious condition. When you have this type of coverage and you need it, there’s nothing more valuable. It enables you to put all your strength into getting better, not worrying about financials and going into debt.

Seriously considering if you’re a fit for critical illness insurance isn’t the most uplifting, but it is a responsible thing to do. The truth is no one could ever be deemed “not a fit,” but there are candidates who may be more “qualified,” if you will. For example, someone whose medical history points to high risk of cancer may want to look a little more closely at the options.

An evaluation of your health and family tree isn’t the only place to look. You’ll also want to review your current health insurance policy and find any gaps. Not to mention, how much is in your savings account? If you were to come down with a hefty medical bill as a result of an emergency hospitalization, let’s say upwards of $10,000, would you have the means to pay it?

We’re not here to make you worry. We’re here to help you be prepared and have confidence in your coverage. No one puts money away month after month to plan for a critical illness, but critical illnesses don’t discriminate. Do yourself a favor and set aside some time to simply explore the options.