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Small businesses of 25 or fewer employees can now easily and affordably offer employee company benefits to their staff. If they do so, they now can receive a 50% tax credit on their returns. More and more employers and companies are looking for flexible and low cost packages that meet their employees’ needs. Companies are now offering these benefits as part of their compensation package as medical costs grow.

In today’s economy, a benefits package is worth much more than in days of old. In some cases, an employee literally cannot afford to work for a salary alone; they need insurance. Even if you were to consider a higher salary versus a lower salary with a benefits package that equaled in dollar amount, many would find the latter more attractive. An employer who affords such options has a competitive edge. In view of this, if you’re a small business owner who has been on the fence about providing insurance to your employees, this may be a detail that helps you hop on the side of coverage.

In addition to employee company benefits, employers can now offer at little or no cost to them exceptional voluntary benefit products. Most of these plans require only a handful of employees to enroll. If you are interested in health insurance plans for small business, or other benefits such as Dental, Vision, Life, and Disability, contact Employee Benefits Agency.

Each specialist at Employee Benefits Agency is trained to assist with comparisons and offer guidance on what plans may fit best. Becoming educated does not obligate you. Learning what’s available will only serve to help you in one way, shape, or form. Whether it comes to fruition today, tomorrow, or next year is still better than never. Let’s discuss benefits that benefit you.

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