How do I / can I Afford Health Insurance for My Employees

How do I or how can I afford health insurance for my employees? This is a question that is burning in the minds of many business owners and Americans. This question is one that we get asked each and every day. The answer lies with Employee Benefits Agency! You can afford health insurance to your employees with the right strategic solutions and plans.

Depending on the size of your business will depend on the steps that are taken to achieve what you want. One way that many businesses afford this new cost is through the new small business tax credit. This will help to offset the cost of providing health care to your employees in a practical way.

Another manner that will make providing health care to your employees is the small business health options program (SHOP). SHOP works with employers that have 50 or fewer employees, and the benefits of doing it this way is that you have control of the coverage that you offer and how much you pay towards your employees’ premiums. Not to mention, you have four levels of coverage to choose from, and you can enroll at anytime.

With these opportunities and more, it is easy and dare we say affordable to supply health insurance and other service options to your employees. Both you and your employees will be content with the health insurance. Once it’s in place, you’ll soon forget the days without it, wondering what took you so long to get to this point. We’re not downplaying your concern. It’s a legitimate doubt, and addressing this doubt is our purpose. As they say, where’s there’s a will, there’s a way. Let us know what we can do to get you and your employees’ great health coverage, and the rest will soon be history.

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