Enrollment Services

Our enrollment service is the most advanced enrollment platform in the industry.  As an exclusive agency with Colonial Life, we use the Harmony enrollment system.  Harmony is capable of enrolling any product on the market, including:

  • Major medical
  • 401k
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Voluntary Benefits

Our benefit counselors will meet with each employee 1 on 1 to explain their available benefits as it has been determined by their employer.

Our enrollment services are often utilized by brokers to help with the communication process to a group of employees.

As each group is completely different, so we tailor the needs to fit.  We build each database with a unique set of benefits offered to their group. Therefore, when a benefit counselor sits with an employee, they are only able to view, communicate, and enroll products that have been arranged with their employer and/or broker well in advance of the enrollment session.