Small Business Group Health Insurance

The Employees Benefits Agency has small business health insurance options for services that are great solutions for the businesses that are smaller with only a handful of employees.

Even though the small businesses are not the same size as large business firms that does not mean they should not receive the same employee benefits consulting and programs that offer quality policies. Small businesses and their employees are no different than those of larger firms. Simply because their staff size is small doesn’t mean their needs are small. We can structure and customize a plan for your small business that meets your specific arrangement.

We want to treat both small and large businesses the same by having great employee insurance plans for both of them. We don’t discriminate. With our small business health care, you won’t ever have to pay full price for medical services when you get sick or are injured. There are many benefits to having a group benefit plan so that everyone gets great coverage for a low price. It’s possible, and it’s what we strive to afford to our clients.

We will help you find the right plan for your small business so that it works for you and you can have great insurance. Some of the factors that you will have to think about will be with the premium, co-pay, and deductibles. We would love to schedule a time to discuss the company benefits needs of your small business. Before we do, rest assured that we’ll present to you only options that put you in a better position. Change is typically feared, but it doesn’t have to live up to that fear. We’ll show you how and why.

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