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Employee Benefits Agency employs the top employee benefits consultants who are ready to assist you with understanding the new Obamacare 2014 business related statutes. The Affordable Care Act has ushered in major changes and some businesses and companies will see a direct effect on how they offer company benefits. Know where you fit into the grand scheme of things today.

Our premier employee benefits consultants want to help you understand how these changes can and will affect your business. We also afford coverage options to you so you can rest assured that you’re protected. We offer plans that can help you maintain your lifestyle even if something unforeseen such as an accident occurs. With our accident paid product we will cover any accident that applies. Whether it is a fall, a sport-related injury, or a traffic accident, we want to make sure that you feel good about the coverage you have in any situation.

Our specialized benefits team will be here for you no matter what you need help with because it’s more important for you to focus on your specialty and us ours. The last thing you want to worry about when you are running your business is how complicated legislation is going to affect your employees and how you will manage the administration of benefits. Together, we’ll get you in a better place.

We strategically pick out our top employee benefits consultants and educate them on these new changes, so that we have the best group of people working for you. When you need guidance, we will be there. We’re ready to take the lead and show you you’re in great hands.

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