Employer Paid – Serious Disability

This is a disability product that provides group coverage that is affordable for all industries. We represent several serious disability insurance products and can work with employers to tailor these benefits to your company. We offer many employee benefits packages. Unexpected illness or injury can and does result in a person’s inability to carry out the tasks at their job. This inability to work creates a serious financial situation for most individuals and his or her family. Health insurance plans pay for the medical cost associated with an injury but do not replace the income of the injured party for days missed on the job. Serious Disability Benefits can offset a disabled worker’s lost income by replacing a portion of their income.

The serious disability insurance covers all disabilities incurred on and off the job 24 hours a day. Benefits start right away from the first day coverage for qualifying sicknesses and injuries. Payments for the benefits are made easier to budget because they are made semi-monthly. Continuously disabled claimants receive benefits until the age of 65 with a minimum of 2 years. There is only one premium rate for all ages, areas, and industries. The coverage is the same for all employees, regardless of their current health status.